Network Security

Red Teaming

Red teaming is a simulated attack to a digital infrastructure which main objective is to test how secure and infrastructure is and to report its vulnerabilities. The Red Team simulates a fake attack that aims at understanding the actual risk the company is subject to. The attack can be run through a network violation, social engineering or by accessing to buildings or company properties.

Network Penetration Test

A Network Penetration Test identifies network, hosts and devices vulnerabilities which might threaten the company business the most. It can be run both from the inside of the company network, simulating an internal malicious actor (i.e. a consultant, an employee) and from the outside, simulating an external malicious actor. If the tester has all the information about the network, the test is defined a White-Box penetration test, if the tester is provided no information and has to figure out his way through the network, the test is being performed with a Black-Box approach.