Unleashing the Power of Data: Indexing Over 15 Million WordPress Websites with PWNPress

We are excited to share a significant milestone achieved by PWNPress in our relentless pursuit of enhancing WordPress security. Leveraging the extensive Common Crawl dataset and pushing the boundaries of data analysis, we successfully indexed over 15 million WordPress websites. This endeavor involved parsing the entire Web Archive Text (WAT) database, a massive 21 TiB […]

PWNPress: collect vulnerable WordPress websites over internet

PWNPress is an innovative service that harnesses the power of data and cutting-edge technologies to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in WordPress websites. Our mission is to empower website owners, developers, and security professionals with actionable insights that help fortify their WordPress installations and protect their digital assets. In today’s digital landscape, where websites are increasingly […]

Building Octofence WAAP Cache System & CDN: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Caching is a critical component of any modern application, enabling fast and efficient delivery of content and data to users. However, finding the right caching solution can be a challenge, particularly when existing off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet your specific needs. In this article, we’ll share our experience of building our own custom cache system and […]