Octofence is the cyber security suite made to protect every SME’s entire network perimeter. A complete package of advanced technologies that ensure 24/7 monitoring, all year round, provided by a dedicated team of analysts.


Our approach

Our goal is maintaining full control over the company’s network perimeter and the data on users, technologies and processes. It’s only through constant monitoring that we can ensure the complete and correct management of all the information regarding the security posture of a company.


The Octofence suite aims to industrialize and automate every essential function of an end-to-end Security Operation Center in a modular manner. Every single service works in a stand-alone way, but it is only through the activation of the entire suite that you can obtain the full coverage of the selected environment.


The next generation Security Operation Center service designed to face any present or future threat of the digital era.


The Cyber Threat Intelligence service, developed by a team of ethical hackers, to identify every external attack vector.


The Log Management service, simple and modular, designed to ensure compliance with the new ISO and GDPR standards.


The Web Application and API Protection service, developed by our top experts in web cyber security.


Security Operations Center

Our Security Operation Center is handled by the Blue team, a unit of experts that analyzes the entire flow of computer data and performs a continuous test of each company device – including cloud ones and those belonging to third parties – to identify potential threats and counter any attack before it can affect the supervised IT infrastructure.

Our experts employ state-of-the-art tools, specifically created by our R&D* department to automate the procedures, in order to provide the customer with a fast reaction time in case of attacks.

In the event of a crisis, the team intervenes by isolating the device under attack, until one of our experts identifies the most appropriate mitigation strategy.


The Research and Development department focuses on researching and developing new cyber security solutions.



It is a fraud attempt in which cybercriminals try to convince the victim to provide personal information, financial data or passcodes.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence service enables the constant monitoring of the entire exposed surface of a network perimeter from the perspective of an attacker, identifying stolen credentials or documents, scam websites, phishing or business identity theft attempts and more. Additionally, it enables the monitoring of the key players in a company, which are of greatest interest from the attacker’s point of view.

Being interconnected with the main worldwide intelligence sources keeps us constantly updated, making it possible to deliver to our clients a comprehensive view of their web exposure.
As a matter of fact, to have a 360-degree view, in addition to monitoring the Clear Web, it is necessary to undertake a meticulous check of the sources located both in the Deep and the Dark Web.

Log Management

Log Management

Our Log Management service has been designed to make it possible for companies to collect both system and application Logs in a centralized manner. It grants long-term, safe and certified storage. Timestamps are also applied to these files.

This service is essential for every business that needs to manage its logs rapidly and accurately, for themselves or for their clients, as required by the existing privacy and information security laws.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 679/2016) and the ISO 27001 standard, specifically, require for companies to have a system capable of acquiring logs in real time and store them.


It is a sequence of characters that certifies the actual occurrence of a certain event.



A Denial-of-Service is a cyberattack that leads to a shortage of a server or a network resources until they are no longer able to provide the service to requesting clients.


Web Application and API Protection

A unique service, built on the basic concepts of the Web Application Firewall (WAF), but entirely reworked from the ground up to improve and expand its functionalities.

Besides carrying out the normal functions of a WAF, such as filtering, monitoring and blocking HTTP/HTTPS traffic going to a website or a web app, WAAP is equipped with a new set of features. These new functionalities are designed to improve a website’s level of security, as well as to separate malicious from legitimate traffic and boost its overall performance.

The WAAP service is natively integrated with bad bot detection, virtual patching, L7 DDoS protection, a cache layer, advanced compression and minification functionalities for static files. In addition, it offers a simplified and completely free of charge SSL certificates’ management feature.