Our goal is to design services and solutions to prevent, minimize and solve any potential cyberattack. Every solution is entirely managed by us and allows for organizations to focus on business continuity, leaving IT issues to industry professionals.


Octofence is the cyber security suite made to protect every SME’s entire network perimeter.

A complete package of advanced technologies that ensure 24/7 monitoring, all year round, provided by a dedicated team of analysts.


One of the best defenses for companies and organizations is having the ability to detect, respond to and stop a potential 

intrusion coming from cybercriminals fast enough. 


Service Offensive includes every assessment intended to test the strength of an information system. These assessments are crucial, because they can provide awareness of any existing vulnerability,

both in the company’s whole infrastructure and in a simple web application, that could be exploited by cybercriminals to attack. Locating these weak points helps companies avoid any risk.


Our training programme is designed for non-specialized personnel in public and private organizations that wish to expand 

their IT knowledge and awareness.