Our training programme is designed for non-specialized personnel in public and private organizations that wish to expand their IT knowledge and awareness.


Corporate training

Corporate training constitutes the first line of defense. The most common cyber threats, for example phishing, are effective only if on the other side of the screen there is a user that hasn’t received the right training to recognize the signs of an attack.


La piattaforma

SicuraLearn is a training program designed to engage the entire staff of an organization in a learning process that is both educational and stimulating. It employs a gradual release approach and it is based on training methodologies that take into account the most effective digital learning modes.

The program is available on a cloud platform, specifically developed for this purpose, that can be accessed with an employee’s personal credentials. The learning process aims at increasing digital awareness, through a continuous learning program and video lessons held by a coach.

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sicuralearn 2-min