Service Offensive includes every assessment intended to test the strength of an information system. These assessments are crucial, because they can provide awareness of any existing vulnerability, both in the company’s whole infrastructure and in a simple web application, that could be exploited by cybercriminals to attack. Locating these weak points helps companies avoid any risk.

Red Team

SicuraNext’s Red Team is able to examine, analyze and identify every new kind of attack among those used nowadays.
In particular, it specializes in traditional activities, such as the Network Penetration Test and the Web Application Penetration Test, as well as in vertical sectors such as SCADA systems and IoT ones.


Vulnerability Assessment & Network Penetration Test

Vulnerability Assessment is an inspection performed on an organization’s entire IT area to obtain a complete picture of every existing vulnerability in the environment under scrutiny and determine the strategies needed to fix any potential issue. A report will be created upon completion of the assessment. This report is the result of a joint analysis carried out by our IT tools and our ethical hackers*.

A Network Penetration Test is an activity, carried out by our team, that develops the simple VA and consists of a simulation replicating an attack attempt, employing the tactics and techniques used by cybercriminals. This activity allows an effective resolution of the major issues within the network perimeter.

Ethical Hacker

A cyber security expert, capable of identifying vulnerabilities that may threaten the security of an IT infrastructure.


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Web Application Penetration Test

The Web Application Penetration Test is an operation aimed at identifying every vulnerability within a web or mobile application. Besides ensuring the proper functioning of the app’s features, the Web Application Penetration test makes it possible to detect any flaw that may compromise users’ data, partially or completely, given that these flaws may lead to business disruption or reputational damage. The assessment is carried out by a team of experts, that simulates a full-fledged cyberattack against the application, to locate all of the existing vulnerabilities in it.